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White Heart Health Center
MA Primary Care Alliance for Patients, commonly referred to as MAPCAP, is a grassroots organization working on the ground in Massachusetts to support S.750, “An Act Relative to Primary Care for You,” or PC4You. 

PC4You will fix the Primary Care system in Massachusetts by increasing access, making primary care free for the patients of practices that opt-in (no copays or deductibles), and will dramatically decrease health inequities in MA. 

PC4You will improve the overall health of residents and at the same time, will decrease the overall cost of healthcare in the state, in part by reducing the reliance on emergency services. By investing in Primary Care through PC4You, we will get more for less.

Our Guiding Principles

Primary Care Should Be a Public Good for Every Resident of Massachusetts

Every resident of Massachusetts deserves equitable access to high-quality primary care. By making primary care a public good, we ensure that preventive, affordable, and patient-centered healthcare is accessible to all. It is more than just a right; it is a necessity.

We are currently working to pass S.750 (PC4You), legislation that will improve both health and equity while decreasing costs. By advocating for this landmark health policy, we can build a healthier Massachusetts together for all of our communities— regardless of background or income. 

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